It’s ok to BREAK UP with your agent


So how do you know it’s time to let your agent go?

this should be easy, frequent and you should feel at ease, basically you shouldn’t be wondering what is happening and why.

a good agent will keep you informed every step of the way with all feedback the good the bad and sometimes ugly – if you are only hearing good things about your home and it is still on the market you should be wondering why.

from open homes, online and offline marketing, signage etc – a good marketing plan and strategy is key; if one buyer doesn’t know about your home that’s a missed opportunity. Be wary of the agent offering FREE marketing, having an agency with an invested interest in your home is not a strategy.

if the agent is quick to negotiate their commission down, then perhaps they are not the agent you should be considering.

Now there are some areas that agents cannot control

Feedback that is negative – unfortunately you need to be sure you get all feedback about your home and this can be tough to hear, however to make an informed decision when accepting an offer you need to know all the facts.

Price – agents do not control the price – your home is worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it – the job of the agent is to be sure they are getting the best price in today’s market place for you. So when is it time to let your agent go – I hope the above has helped you make that decision…

If you would like to know more about a plan and strategy to get your home sold please feel free to contact me.


“You shouldn’t be wondering what is happening and why”